Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Favorites!

What better way to start with my October favorite products :)

oct favs

This month consists mainly of lip products. I do have a few others in mind but I'm not completely sold yet. So if I am, they will turn up on next month's fav list ;)

1. Stila Smudgestick eyeliner in "Stingray"
Think Stila's smudge pot, but in a stick, and waterproof. Rather smudge resistant, which is important for me on the water line. I have weird eye lids that always manage to make just about anything run. This stayed on well, and if any smudging at the corners of my eye were to occur, it's minimal. This gets a thumbs up because I initially didn't think it would last.

2. Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips
I know! Nipple balm, I know. Really not as odd as it sounds.
I'm always buying lipbalms and lip conditioners. It's my #1 bought beauty category, hands down. This particular one gets a mention because I find it lasts just that tad little longer when applied, especially when going on to drinking water and having the odd snack. It's got a semi-thick jelly consistency, and goes on very nicely. A little goes far as well, not to mention it can pass of as clear gloss!
I rotate this with a chapstick because despite it being a decent product, it did still cost me a pretty penny. Doubt I'd be rushing to repurchase. Gonna make this tube last!

3. Nars lipstick in "Dolce Vita"
This one needs no introduction. It's a beautiful color that suits so many skin tones. Gives your lips a subtle hint of colour without being thick or "lipstick-y". If you can only choose one lipstick from Nars, this would be the one!

4. Make Up For Ever HD Blush in #7 "One Too Many"
OH! BOY! I LOVE this product! I love cream blushes but usually don't go for them (especially during summer) because they can melt off your face if not set properly, or even add to oil slick on the face. But this one has by far been a winner. I've been using this for quite some time now and it stays put through the day. Even without setting it, I find it stays on pretty well. I'm sure SOME of it didn't last but overall, it did. A+! I've already purchased this in another shade.

NOTE: You do only get 0.33 fl oz in the bottle but I have to STRESS that you only need the tiniest amount. It is highly pigmented so the size of a grain of rice would be sufficient to cover both cheeks imo. I've had mine for months and have barely made a dent.

Looking forward to what November brings! Hope you enjoyed this :)

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  1. I am really keen to try the Makeup Forever HD Liquid Blush, thanks for the review! It sounds great!


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