Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: MAC "Soiree" nail lacquer

I admit, I partially bought this because it's got my twitter name.

MAC's "Soiree" nail lacquer was part of their Cham-Pale collection launched last Christmas.


Let me first say, this is a frost polish and when applied, feels like you are "foiling" on the lacquer.

The colour is lovely and feels very festive! But personally, not my favourite. I don't think it goes very well with my skin tone and quite frankly, purchasing this polish was an attempt for me to move away from my collection of dark toned polishes (think OPI's Royal Raja Ruby and Lincoln Park After Dark).

That said, I don't doubt this would be great for someone who is either into frost polishes or perhaps a lighter skintone.

One major con for "Soiree": it is slightly more difficult to get off. I used my regular Cutex Acetone Free nail polish remover and it took longer than usual. I also got shimmery bits all over my fingers during the removal process.

If this shade takes your fancy, you might want to hunt one down from eBay or your local CCO.


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